Farfalla 2008 Pinot Noir – The Reckoner

Same, but different –  there are certain similarities to the Melbournites and their often disowned Western cousins. There are also things that we can’t decide on, and lets face it the 2750 kms between us has done plenty to enforce that. Take for example that we couldn’t decide on what which railroad gauge would be the best to use, we also tried once also to secede from the federation; the Easterners decided that would not be a good idea also, truth be known we owed the Crown oodles, and were up to our wellingtons in debt, how times change. We both play cricket, football, and have an affliction to Queenslanders. But I will say there is one thing, or prhase that sets us apart, ‘you reckon’. Now for my money ‘you reckon’ does not exist in Perth,. It may in Bunbury, but not in general Perth society, not on St George’s Terrace, not in Fremantle. ‘You reckon’ is a staple in Melbourne, for me it is the phonetic equivalent of grown men on scooters, you see it, but just look away, but it will find you anywhere, spoken out of the mouths of people whom moments earlier you had a glowing opinion of. Now I am no grammatical elitist, you should see the list of people this blog goes to before it is published, but just  how the ‘reckoning’ happened surely has a PHD in there somewhere, and someone should get onto it, ASAP bru.

I only discovered the true extent of my infection when on the phone to mother, and it was out before I could stop, you could almost hear her heart sink, all of that private schooling, the after school tutors, had amounted to a sketchy wine blog, and menial bike building abilities. Now you reckon, you would think that all is lost, but now while there are great differences, there are those of which to be thankful for, Western Australian for my money cannot make midrange priced Pinot Noir if its life depended on it; what exists is a cesspool of strawberry boringness, green tight tannins, jamy fruits, or stuck ferments.

Farfalla 2008 Pinot Noir

Let’s not mess about, Pinot Noir is a fickle mistress, I remember a story from a winery back home, Old Kent River, once made a gold medal Pinot off a block of one year, that the next didn’t even go into budburst. She makes you earn it, far more fickle than her Burgundian sibling Chardonnay, Pinot knows what it likes, and won’t put out till she knows you’re going to stick around. The demand for a long ripening season, low temperature variation, low yielding soils, massive vineyard canopy management, massive disease susceptibility, that makes for an interesting vineyard expedition back west. Hot vintage? Pinot don’t like. Next door’s vineyard got bugs? Pinot don’t like. Backpackers don’t turn up to trim, Pinot don’t like. Accidently irrigate the wrong block, Pinot grapes explode. So you can see that the fact that all of this is not coming to you in a $25 bottle, all of the time is not overly surprising. But occasionally you will find one, and you should tell anyone that will listen. Now I must admit I initially purchased this wine for the Freudian butterfly like label, but maybe that was just me.

This is an inviting varietal wine, it has the Mornington cherry, strawberry nose, but there is something dirty about it, not the forest floor nonsense, but I really get a ‘funkiness’ from this wine, and I like that in Australian pinot, a wild ferment, yeasty portion blended back into the mix at a guess. It’s delicate and poised on the nose, and this transfers onto the palate. It has every indication of being a savoury delight, and does not disappoint, I enjoy the balance of fruit and acid, she is cleansing and refreshing. I could almost want for more fruit depth, but I enjoy that tease of savoury tannin, and deep cherry fruits. The only trick being is to rip it out early, and dazzle your guest with this heavy hitting featherweight, or wait and partner with your cheese selection. I would opt for the latter, it needs be discussed, and dissected. I want to throw her in with some Kooyong, Port Phillip, Paringa Pinots, taste blind, and see what comes out on top, she is trouble for $40 Victorian Pinots.

This is not your fleshy Otago dinner destroyer, nor an old world replacement, but certainly an enjoyable postcard from Burgundy, and at a fraction of the airfare.

7.0 / 10 Sipps
$21-25 RRP


p.s If you are having a hard time finding her please send me a message.

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