CIAO VINO 2009 Sangiovese – Revenge of the Super Tuscans

I’ve been laying low, turning down the profile, upping the privacy settings to beyond paranoid levels, see due to a minor technical glitch, and what I can only imagine to be a wheelbarrow load of unclaimed mail I’ve reached a level of civil noncompliance  That, and you never quite know when a member of Vic Roads is among your anthill sized readership, will jump out of your monitor and wheel clamp your mouse on the pad. I’ve shaved the beard, cut the hair, bought new south-side looking jeans, found a bike with gears, and plotted the shortest route to most south american embassy’s in the greater Melbourne Area, I’m a glass of new wave Albariño away from being unrecognizable. I still managed to make it to Bearded Wine Man the Second’s Shop (BWM2), things are getting warmer here, humid, I walked in clean shaven and looked over, the Bearded ones stood there, twitching, scratching, now is the time when you earn your Hipster Stripes, that beard, once your wind breaking friend is now the wicked witch of itchiness, but hey, there are at least long necks of Coopers to get you through.

CIAO VINO 2009 Sangiovese

It was hard times all round, and none taking it more than the Italian wine industry, they have been getting it in the neck from all quarters, first us, then Spain, now Chile. That and they seem to be surrounded by countries that can’t count money. The Italian’s, like the French have been making booze for some time, Sangiovese’s roots go back to pre biblical times in fact,  and like the french they too have a stiff appellation system, making pedaling, even labeling your wine, tricky at the best of times. Something had to give, so the Italians went on a little drive north, grabbed some cuttings of Bordeaux Cabernet and Merlot, grafted over some temperamental indigenous varieties and the Super Tuscan was born, the two old world towers combined to fight the new world scourge. One strong when the other weak, together in the fight against vintage variation, and a consistent product, who knows someone might actually buy it?

CIAO VINO 2009 Sangiovese

Let’s not beat about, CIAO VINO has most likely gone to Italy, lassoed this vino for a good price, bottled it, labeled it, and sent it packing to a place where people have money to buy it, and I for one are not upset in the slightest. This is a balanced, introductory wine for those not acquainted, or maybe not previously willing to throw money at our savory wine making cousins. It can be an expensive exercise purchasing some DOC/DOCG grade Chianti, just to find that you could have found a similar experience by walking into a classroom and chewing on some white chalk. This more Vin de pays experience gives a bit of tease, without the front on palate curling assault. She doesn’t sit heavy in the glass like our local bold reds, and more of brick red transparency than our purple hues. When first opened there is the usual ‘dusty jam’ from the Sangiovese, but with some punchy fruits from the french Bordeaux connection, these soften with some air, and I would recommend some time in the glass/opened, but not a full decant.  Structure and acidity is what makes this wine smart, the palate has a great freshness and vibrancy, it’s not cluttered, or bulky, the Sangiovese brings great layers of plum flavour with punchy acidity, the Cabernets warm fruits, berries, with great curvy balance. Find a lamb, feed it some grass, pat it, hit it on the head and bring it home, it wants to meet this wine, in your mouth, tonight.

This wine excites me, she brings structured, classy Italian expression in the below $23 dollar bracket. Put it against some local fair at that price and I know where I would be spending my money. If you enjoy your Cabernet, but want to explore the idea of savory wine that doesn’t leave your palate feeling like a multi-storey car park, then this is worth a spin, and at 13% alcohol it won’t put the dinner party to sleep before dessert.

So she has made her journey all the way here, you might as well bring her home to meet your pet Australian lamb.

7.0 / 10 Sipps
$21-23 RRP


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