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  • Dear Melbourne,

    Where did it all go so wrong, you had it all; the looks, the vibe, the sex, the drugs, even the spattering of live rock and roll. But no, you had to eat the forbidden fruit, follow the serpent […]

  • The Fridge, I’m looking into it, the frosted icicle pane in front of me. Which you might think is a bizarre choice for winter, but you see I’m not in ‘the fridge’. I have escaped to Sydney, a land of important p […]

  • Well I”m quite excited today as my readership has greatly expanded, due greatly, to no effort on my behalf. So “Hi” new readers, well I can only assume that you are reading this blog, it is published on the […]

  • Well it’s that time to get the ‘Bat-phone’ out once again, “What phone? Where is Robin?”, well Robin isn’t coming, and neither is this months commission cheque, but for those of my fellow kin, the in between job […]

  • Space, it’s meant to be good for inner peace, finding ones center, perspective on life, the universe and everything. That being said too much inward reflection can be odious for ones health, it’s far easier to […]

  • Wouldn’t it be nice if we could say what we feel all of the time, be unreserved with others, have no inhibitions about the consequences of what we are saying. “Is that interesting?”, “What do you mean by that?”, “How will that make sense?”, or will I look like a complete uninteresting twit by saying that . In my experience the eventualities of vetting too many conversations that are going on in your head, as well as the one you’re having in real time, will ultimately lead to disaster. Thus following onto appearing not overly invested, may actually lead to a situation where you might not actually be deemed worth of being invested in, which is a bit of a shame if  that was what your initial objective in fact was to be. The further quandary being that you have actually set out on a Burke and Wills course of action, albeit maybe that you have someLe Proseccothing to drink at least, and a lemon soufflé to mull it over with, so it’s a different kind of desert you are stuck in here.

    Leading me to Prosecco, it seems comfortable being who it is, its not Champagne, and seems quite happy with that. Why do the Italians bother when there is plenty of other fizz on offer only a few hours’ drive away, are they trying to be if at all interesting? Though maybe the Italians don’t really care, that and some of it that reaches our shores is made in a fashion not too dissimilar to a certain red coloured can, in fact over there you can get it in cans, enough said. I think they are just doing what they feel is right, and who am I not to investigate. Bearded Wine Man (BWM), looked at me quizzically, one I didn’t look like I was in a celebratory mood, two it was raining and 17C outside, third being it was a school night. BWM seemed nonplussed on the purchase, far removed from my usual personal aquirings, which is interesting given the topic. I didn’t look like I was trying to impress anyone with my fizzy Italian, but I was beginning to wonder if I had any intact stemware to suit the product.
    Le Colture Fagher Brut Prosecco
    I love buying D.O.C.G wines, they stare at you with their little appellation official stickers announcing that they mean business, and assuring you that they will taste far nicer than their un-stickered cousins, luring you in anticipation of what you will find post unwrapping, all the more engaging seeing that we are dealing here, with a sparkling cork cage, and heavy wrapping. She made a slight “sigh”, just the way I was taught by my very first, overbearing Michelin Star made English restaurant manager, if he a heard a joyous ‘pop’ he would shoot you the restaurant managers look of death, you were not in trouble there and then, but you knew that you were soon to be bailed up in the cool room. From the outset though, this Brut exhibits a spaced but steady bead in the glass, small exquisite balls lift their way up the flute, extremely pale straw in appearance, but by no means opaque. The nose brings steady citrus notes, blood orange, and quince, mixing with some nutty themes, fresh warm broken banquette, nothing sharp or edgy to put you off, or anything to make you feel this is going to be a sugar slurp-fest. The palate brings an explosion of fine mouth filling mousse, fine, and searching for all of the crevasse of your tongue, here you’ll find some dense lemon characters, almost to mature chilled limoncello, and preserved rind flavours.

    This wine for me has some interesting points in just what exactly is its place in the order of service, she has some great fizz that wants for a pre-dinner canapes context, or cocktail function. That being said, you could pair it with some interesting degustation options with its heavy lemon, kiwi, bread notes, and its explosive mousse, solid acid, and savory backbone. She is doing a lot of things for a Prosecco, and quite engaging, and lingering, without the sharp metallic edge of some more simple sparklings, and wears her D.O.C.G status effortlessly. I enjoy the freshness, and cleanliness that leaves me coming back the the glass refreshed and wanting more, all the while running after the closest waiter with smoked salmon, goats cheese, and capers.

    So she is being what she should be, and I find no fault with that, I’m just not sure what to do with the rest of the bottle, maybe put a teaspoon on top to keep it fresh for tomorrow.? I think I would rather be at a villa in Salerno, with two glasses, looking at black little stars.

    7.5 / 10 Sipps
    $26-28 RRP


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  • ThumbnailMail is a strange thing, nowadays it tells us less and less; no more Franklin Mint, I now have to pay my bank to get a piece of paper with how much of my money they have, it has resulted in a cesspool of Crust […]

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