Plantagenet Riesling 2013 – Excuse Me, but Just Mind the Cat

Well I”m quite excited today as my readership has greatly expanded, due greatly, to no effort on my behalf. So “Hi” new readers, well I can only assume that you are reading this blog, it is published on the ‘inPlantagenet-Rieslingternets’, which is a network, meaning ASIO have it carte blanche really, and frankly it will be nice to have some ‘real’ people around for a change. The list of bots I have to delete every week or so was getting a bit sad, yes, I know the CAPTCHA is really hard and boring to get through, but please persist, and leave comments, oh and don’t forget to click the ‘like’ button so that it shows up on your friends news feeds. I’ve always felt that the government agencies should take more of an interest in the Australian wine industry, so maybe the tide has turn. Unfortunately the box which has this web-server on it is sitting in my parents study, most likely with the cat sitting on it because it is warm, so I’m not sure if your allowed to access a private users network, but from what I’m reading that should be fine to, just please don’t wake the cat, she’s sleeping. I have though put some really bitchin kung-fu encryption on the email data files, but you should have that sorted by lunch, surely? I didn’t want to make it too easy, you can at least buy me a drink first before feeling me up.

Bearded Wine Man (BWM), thought it was a bit funny when I walked in with a funny mustache and glasses disguise, as it obviously wasn’t much of a disguise, as it looked like one, but well there is only so much you can do to hide shopping on Victoria Street. Apart from being asked for smack a couple of times, I was trying to keep a low profile, and well two Vic Police Officers walked straight past me, but maybe the AFP are more cunning, their bright red cars with lights always blend in so well with the surroundings they can be hard to spot. I needed to make this quick, so I went into the cool room, “no cameras in there”, but BWM came in, obviously worrying why a strange man was in his cool-room, I do have a beard I might be a threat to ‘Team Australia’, oh no, it’s just a guy with a bottle of Riesling, relief. It was time to head to the counter, everyone was a bit nervous as I reached into my jacket pocket, I made an average, sensible purchase, and was careful not to leave my bag unattended on the ground for any length of time, least cause suspicion. Maybe people would be fearful of my Western Australian Riesling, it’s from a minority region, be afraid of it, she has funny looking dragony-lion things on the label, but just relax she didn’t come by boat.

Plantagenet Riesling 2013

Mount Barker, now that’s near Margaret River right? Ah, no, Mount Barker is a swashbuckling four drive from sunny Perth, which makes it not near Margs at all, but what it does make it is ‘freezing’. Riesling loves living in a fridge, if not you end up with the Brown Brothers style we all love to hate, that really is responsible for destroying the marketability of this variety in this country. ” Would you like a glass of Riesling?”, “oh no that’s too sweet”, “Really, it has 3 grams per liter of sugar, its Dry!?”, ” oh I couldn’t possibly, but thanks..”, and so it goes on. What Mount Barker brings to the table is the ‘fridge’ factor, slightly inland, with no maritime breezes to keep things warm it gets chilly, which Riesling loves, the cold temperatures keep the high acid levels in the grapes, and the long growing season brings the flavours at credible alcohol levels.

Plantagenet have been doing this since 1974, and have for my mind helped develop the Barker scene, and the Great Southern style. The first things that jumps out at me from the glass is the freshly cut lime notes, which for my mind distances it from its eastern cousins.This far reaching citrus combo, lights up your nostrils with its primary freshness, there are some very subtle hints of some honey suckle and apricots, which no doubt will show with the coming years. The palate is involving with the acid just smashing down your tongue, cleaning everything in its wake, piecing and austere, I could liken it to a fresh lime sorbet between courses. The citrus is there, the light honey notes, I like its weight, and feel, but mostly the freshness of the mouth that keeps me coming back to her quickly. There is no hit of fatness, or oily characters that I can sometimes find with Clare Valley Riesling, this is trim and terrific, I just want to drive to my nearest fresh oyster dispensing machine and camp out for hours. Albeit, that this is not the perfect match for all dishes, use it wisely, at the beginning of an evening to freshen up, of with seafood entrée. I find it is best just not to tell people what they are having, and with an open mind, and palate, they will be hooked.

So give your palate something extreme before you’re not allowed to.

7.5 / 10 Sipps
$22-24 RRP