Dominique Portet Fontaine Rosé 2013 – Pink Little Demons In My Glass

Melbourne’s trying, really trying to sort out its weather, which is odd, everywhere else is either hot, boiling, or underwater, or soon to be. I’m told the boats have been stopped, gay people can’t get married even though we want them to, Fracking is now coal seam gas extraction, and climate change is happening, well it seems everywhere other than areas surrounding the 3000 post code, here in our natural environment, its freezing. I’m over it, most of Melbourne is over it, that and the temporarily scantly raised hemlines that just as quickly disappear overnight. The frigid air is still being pumped down Chapel Street from what can only be from the Antarctic ice sheet, or a sizable but guilty ice berg that has sauntered its way up the Yarra; sinking a quantity of asylum seekers Titanic style on route. Things are coco-loco. I want to be in the park, with my picnic rug, and a jug of Pims, watching people trip over their slack lines in the twilight, not remembering where it was I last left my scarf for the umpteenth time.

2013 Dominique Portet Fontaine Rosé

I’ve not touched Rosé on here before, which is strange because I’ve been know to snorkel a bit of it in all weather conditions. No matter what is going on outside, drinking Rosé is akin to thinking of a tropical island when you have locked yourself in the restaurant cool room in your shorts in singlet. I’m not talking of massive Barossa residual sugar bombs, while yes, they sell very well to old ladies at Wine Expo’s, have done their fair share to damage the Rosé brand, a fate I could only really compare to the other marketing nightmare of a wine Riesling, sugar damaged for the same reasons. Bearded Wine Man was out of stock so I had to venture behind enemy lines for this one, I dressed up in my trusty Scream Halloween costume, went into Dan’s, got the gear, got out clean, quickly, but feeling slightly dirty.

Dominique Portet Fontaine Rosé 2013

This is pretty, the whole thing is pretty, the from the moment she stares back at you from behind the glass door, it’s all over, just you and her, and that feeling like your the only wine buyer in the room. Yes, I know it is what is on the inside that counts, but with this one your starting from a disadvantage from the get go, so you best hold on for the ride. The strawberry and apricot hues I’ve not seen the likes of in Australian Rose, sitting delicate and enchanting in the glass as you swirl her around, I can imagine them in the sunlight in the park. An intriguing blend of Merlot, Shiraz, and Cabernets awaits, the nose is lifted strawberry’s with fresh cream, firm apricots, and ripe raspberries, imagine the smell of the best berry cordial you have had, next to a dish of clotted cream, and you are there, the subtle esters all flow into each other, the experience quite intoxicating, you will find yourself revisiting the glass, not just to take a sip. The palate on this wine is clever, there is a real juiciness and weight present from the outset, moreish, the Shiraz giving the generosity of mouth-feel, and the Merlot bringing the acid, tannin, and poise, to what could easily turned into a type one train wreck in the wrong hands.

Few wines in my knowledge transfer the sensation and experience of the nose to the palate, than this one, what you smell really has found its way onto your taste buds. There is the fullness of a ripe strawberry being crushed between you lips, and while its not a Chardonnay like malolactic experience, there is for me a creaminess for me laying underneath lashes of apricot fruit, and my favourite of wine sensation, a bit if spritziness on the tip of the tongue.  The balance of the acidity with the fruit is uncanny, and while I haven’t cheated and read the tasting notes, I sense the use of some partial batch wines being in old French oak bringing, what sweater elements may exist in the wine into check. This for me is the best example of dry style rose going around in Australia right now, period. This wine has sold out for the last 3 vintages that I can remember, and I can not think of anything better to have with you in the park, with some smoked salmon, capers, crème fraîche, and a pretty girl, or handsome man on your picnic roll out.

Have in the park with friends, or with the new ones you will make because of what you are drinking. That or you could sit at home,and just wait for the neighbours to come banging on your door.

8.8 / 10 Sipps
$22-24 RRP